Naked and Ticklish

from by Mecca Normal



Jean Smith lyrics, vocals and guitar. David Lester guitar. KRAMER bass.

Lyrics are from "Obliterating History – a guitar-making mystery, domination & submission in a small town garage" a novel by Jean Smith.


Naked & Ticklish

The last two guys I started something with
had Rottweilers. I’m not a Rottweiler fancier at all
Guy One’s dog was young, dumb
it jumped up, got its nose between your legs
and ate the sleeves of Guy One’s wool sweaters.
Guy One wanted to control the way the dog behaved.
Guy One wanted to control everyone.
He was starting a new religion
– a new religion without a god.
I guess Guy One wanted to be the number one guy.

There was no door on the bedroom
and the dog and his jumping ways
and his cold wet nose were distracting during sex.
Guy One got up and took the door off the bathroom
and hung it on the bedroom hinges.

But the bathroom door was simply smaller
and it did not close.
Guy One got a big chunk of coral from his collection
to hold the door closed.
Guy One was a big guy — over six feet tall –
and he picked a big piece of coral.

And for myself when I went to the bathroom
I bent naked, naked and ticklish
lifting and carrying the large chunk of coral across the room.
With the door now freely open
and Guy One’s dog with the cold wet nose –
and me being naked, naked and ticklish –
looking for where to set the coral down.

Guy Two’s Rottweiler was bigger and older.
Guy Two threw chunks of prime rib across the room.
Guy Two’s dog didn’t eat the sleeves of sweaters
yet it did want to come into the room during sex
but there was a door and it closed
without anything from the bottom of the sea
holding it — holding it closed.
So this was an improvement
until it came time to settle in for the first night
turns out the dog sleeps on the bed
and I am in the dog’s spot
and the dog would like his spot back.

He keeps standing up and turning around and around.
The door is freely open until the door is closed.
Holding it closed — naked and ticklish — naked naked and ticklish.


from Empathy for the Evil, released September 16, 2014
Produced by KRAMER. Mixed and mastered by KRAMER at Noise Miami. Recorded by Rat Bastard at the Laundry Room, Miami Beach in November of 2012. Art by Jean Smith.



all rights reserved


Mecca Normal Vancouver, British Columbia

“Empathy for the Evil” (2014, M'lady's Records)

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